Educational Overviews

CCA offers one-sheet, educational overviews which address a variety of medical, emotional and psycho-social issues related to having a craniofacial condition. We currently offer the following overviews in downloadable PDF.

one-sheet_what2expect_webone-sheet_esp_padressupervisorescuidados_web one-sheet_hydrocephalus_web one-sheet_cleidocranialdysplasia_web

one-sheet_apert-feet_web one-sheet_anthropology_web

You can also contact us to request some of these titles in hard copy. Please ask us about availability for your needs.

  1. A Parent’s Journey to Acceptance PDF
    español: La travesía de los padres hacia la aceptación PDF
  2. Anthropology and Craniofacial Anomalies PDF
  3. Apert Feet PDF
  4. As Your Teen Gets Older:  Preparing for the Next Steps PDF
  5. Cleidocranial Dysplasia PDF
  6. Cyberbullying: An Overview PDF
  7. Dramatically Increasing the Quality of Life with Prosthetic Devices PDF
  8. Empowering Children to Cope with Teasing PDF
    español: Capacitando los niños para lidiar con las burlas PDF
  9. Family Dynamics PDF
  10. Fostering Tolerance: Stand Up to Bullying PDF
  11. Helping Your Child Prepare For Surgery PDF
  12. Hydrocephalus PDF
  13. Pain Management in Children PDF
  14. Parents: You are the Care Manager! PDF
    español: Padres: ¡Ustedes son los supervisores oficiales de cuidados! PDF
  15. Prosthetic Devices
  16. Responding to People in Your Community PDF
  17. The 7 Things to Know Before Surgery PDF
  18. Sleep Apnea PDF
  19. Talking to Your Child about Surgery PDF
  20. Tips for External Distraction Devices PDF
  21. Transition Planning: As Your Teen Gets Older, Next Steps
  22. Welcoming a Child Back to School After Surgery  PDF
  23. What to Expect When Your Child Goes to Surgery PDF
    español: Qué puede esperar cuando su niño tenga cirugía PDF
  24. What to Pack for the Hospital PDF