Cher – National Spokesperson

Children’s Craniofacial Association’s National Spokesperson, entertainer Cher, became involved with the organization after having starred in the Movie Mask in which she played the mother of a child with a craniofacial condition. Since that time, Cher has supported the organization with her time and talent and has been CCA’s most generous contributor.

Cher promotes public awareness of individuals with craniofacial conditions and the problems these individuals and their families face. She is dedicated to doing everything possible to “spread the word.”

Cher has developed personal relationships with many children who have craniofacial conditions. During her tours and her Las Vegas shows, Cher invited children with craniofacial conditions to her concerts and backstage to visit. This was a very special time for both Cher and the kids. Cher has seen many of her special friends grow from children into bright, young adults. She has followed their surgeries and progress throughout their medical treatment. Cher often calls children before and after surgeries to offer encouragement and comfort. Although not all of the younger children grasp her fame, they do understand she is a friend who loves them, cares about them, respects them and treats them like the valuable children they are.

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