Family Fundraiser Events & Ideas

CCA relies on the charitable donations and contributions of individuals and grant-making foundations. We receive no government funding. All of our programs and services exist because of generous donors and fundraisers!

Receiving a diagnosis of any condition can be tough. Sometimes you may feel very alone and even powerless. However, for many CCA families hosting or participating in a fundraising event can bring comfort and healing as well as a sense of community. Hosting an event or joining an event committee is a commitment to hard work, but you will be rewarded with the community you find and the platform you develop. The connections you make with other families and volunteers in the craniofacial community will be your support, even as you are supporting them.

If you are interested in helping CCA through a fundraising event, please contact the office about ideas that have been used successfully by families and friends. We are also happy to hear of creative new ways to raise funds!

As a sign of our gratitude, CCA families who reach the goal of netting $5,000 or more during the calendar year are awarded a free hotel stay at the upcoming Annual Family Retreat.  Participants must sign up with CCA’s Development office to add prospective rooms to the retreat budget. (Now fundraising for 2018 Retreat.)

Please contact if you or your family/friends would like to put on an event to benefit CCA.

See CCA Retreat Reward information and Participation Agreement required for free retreat room below. Also see Fundraising Guidelines below for review.

FUNdriaing IDEAS

  • Lemonade Stand — Mix up some sweet lemonade and bake goodies to sell on your neighborhood street or outside your school. Lemonade stands are very popular and a fun way to spend an afternoon.  
  • Denim Days — Coordinate with your human resources office at work to charge $5 or more per person to where jeans on a particular day (typically Friday).
  • Friends and Family Letter — Send a fund-raising letter to family, friends and associates.
  • Walk-athon, Hop-athon, Cartwheel-athon or Hula-Hoop-athon — Organize children, work associates and/or friends and have them take pledges per mile accured.
  • Bike-Parade — Organize children, work associates and/or friends and have them pay an entry fee to take a neighborhood themed ride!
  • Kitchen Shutdown — Obtain donations of dinners from seven local restaurants and raffle a week’s worth of meals.
  • Craft Fair — Obtain donated space from a school, church, mall or vacant retail space and sell space to local crafters. Sell food, balloons, face painting, etc.
  • Car Wash — Ask local merchant to provide space and water.
  • Yard Sale — Ask neighbors, friends and/or family to join in a yard sale.
  • Motorcycle Run — Ask local Mortorcycle Club to hold a fundraiser for you, or work with local clubs to organize a route, with sponsored stops, and do raffles at each location along the way. Charge a registration fee.
  • Dog Parade — Collect entry fees and have a theme. Ask local officials and VIPs to judge and emcee.
  • Golf Tournament — Work with a golf course to host this type of fundraiser, which typically brings in a large amount of revenue!
  • Fishing Derby — Collect entry fees and give prizes for the most total pounds and largest fish.
  • Benefit Concert – locate a venue, book an act, promote and sell tickets for a fun night of music and dancing!
  • Chili (Tofu, Crawfish, Lobster) Cook-off — Locate an appropriate space and give prizes for the best, most creative, etc. Charge an entry fee and ask the local VIPs to judge. Get your Radio station involved!
  • Sports Tournament — Softball, volleyball, basketball, golf, tennis— Charge an entry fee, get corporate sponsors, give prizes.
  • Fashion Show — Ask local designers and boutiques to help you create a stylish evening full of fashion, fun, and networking. Charge boutiques a sponsorship fee and sell tickets to attend.

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